Moving servers! 
Just a quick message to inform you all that my website will be moving to a new home within the next couple of weeks since my current hosting contract is running out. There's a chance that it will be offline for a while.

But fear not, SunSpire Records shall return soon and with brand new tunes, too!

Until then, see ya!

UPDATE: The server move is complete, all downloads should be working again, however I'm still fixing the audio webstream. Give it a couple days :)

New Song: "Reflections (Party Version)", released at NorthCon Demoverse 2013 

Demoverse was a very interesting project in which the organizers of NorthCon approached myself and a group of other sceners to integrate a demoscene event into their big LAN gaming festival, very much like famous scandinavian parties such as The Gathering, Dreamhack or Assembly have had for years. This could be seen as a push to attract more visitors to the festival as numbers had been dropping in recent years. Considering the extremely short preparation time our team had to pull this off, it was a moderate success with less overall attendees than we had anticipated. Still, the competitions saw quite a bit of support, the overall reaction from people was awesome and they would've loved to have us again in the future. However, with the team behind NorthCon having gone into administration last month, it is uncertain if there will be another NorthCon happening, let alone one with demoscene features.

Reflections (Party Version) (06/12/2013)
(Click title to play / download song)

The song "Reflections" was my contribution to the streaming music competition at NorthCon Demoverse, it's an ambient / liquid drum and bass style track that I wrote entirely at the party place during saturday morning, in about 6 hours. I literally had 2 hours of sleep the night before but I still managed to come up with this nice piece of music. I hope you like it too! :)

New Song: "Cosmic Sparks", released at TRSAC 2013 in Aarhus, Denmark 

Cosmic Sparks (19/10/2013)
(Click title to play / download song) (click here to download the 32k exe version of the song)

In my ongoing attempt to produce "as high quality sound as possible" in straightarrow's quiver, this is what I came up with for the 32k executable music competition held at TRSAC this year. I'm particularly proud of the drums, which fellow quiver users would agree are by far the hardest part to do. Multi-chained oscillators and filters do the trick but it is a painful process.

Because I spent so much time on this executable track, I didn't prepare anything for the streaming music compo in the end. But it was probably worth the sacrifice, "Cosmic Sparks" scored 3rd place. Enjoy! :)

New Song: "Aphelion", released at Demosplash 2013 in Pittsburgh, USA 

Aphelion (05/10/2013)
(Click title to play / download song)

Aphelion started off as a track for a yet unnamed TiTAN project but since it never materialized I decided to release it on its own. A calm piece of ambient soundscapes with a somewhat dark and maybe even spooky vibe to it, Aphelion describes a planet that reaches its point furthest away from the sun. Released at Demosplash 2013 Demoparty in Pittsburgh, USA, where it won the freestyle music competition.

I am still hoping that this TiTAN project will be released one day. And when that happens, I'm sure to post about it here! :)

By the way, this track marks my 40th "original" release on this website, yay!

New Song: "Rocking Around The Milky Way", released at Nordlicht 2012 
Rocking Around The Milky Way (21/07/2012)

A somewhat delayed track finally arrives in awesome 2-channel STEREO! \o/
Written for the streaming music competition at Nordlicht 2012 where it placed 5th. Enjoy! :)

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