Nordlicht Demoparty, 25. - 27. July in Bremen, Germany 

Get ready for some hot, summery demoscene action! The third and so far biggest installment of Nordlicht Demoparty will take off in less than 6 days, featuring a versatile schedule of live performances, DJ sets and plenty of art and demo competitions. All complimented by a big outdoor BBQ session in the sun and a hearty sunday morning breakfast. There are still some tickets available, so do come to Bremen next weekend and party with us!!

New Music: "Novum Mystica", released at Sundown 2014 in Budleigh Salterton, UK 

There has been so much going on lately that I ended up arriving at Sundown without any music in my pockets for the competition. Since I was flying to the UK very lightly, I only had the bare minimum of essential party gear with me, so no PC but just an ASUS netbook. Which meant that I could not use a fully-blown Renoise and VST shenanigans if I still wanted to create something for the compo.

I remembered that famous Jungle & DnB artist Blu Mar Ten had released a rather sexy sample pack to the public with material on which his and many other 90's DnB artist's work is based on. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to put these samples (and then some) to good use and hack together a quick'n dirty DnB tune for the competition.

Not so dirty actually, after roughly 8 hours of nonstop tracking I had glued together a very smooth and liquid DnB song that is entirely made up of individual notes without pre-existing drum loops. YAY! Creating a song can naturally take anything between a few hours and several weeks, or even months - but I rarely have these sudden creative bursts of ideas flow through my veins so quickly like I had at this point, whenever this happens I get a lot of music done in a relatively short time frame and it is also a lot of fun!

And so I finished the "party version" of my latest tune just in time for the streaming music compo. The last challenge to overcome was to find a suitable name for it before the submission deadline kicks in. I eventually settled for "Novum Mystica", a name that undermines the mysteriously ambient sounding atmosphere of the tune and the fact I had not told anyone about this release previously.

It ranked 4th place, just after Norway and UK breakbeat scene legends lug00ber, h0ffman and SavannaH, and Bex of Slipstream. I can't possibly deny that my track was somewhat inspired by their works, partly what makes UK demoparties so freaking awesome is the fact that the DnB and Jungle scene has always been huge in the UK and this is reflected in the music compos. It is, however, a shame that only so few people joined saturday's massive DJ set on the dancefloor and the volume was rather tame for kicking break beats, a common problem at smaller demoparties where there's a 'no amplified music after a certain time of day' policy in place (I'm not saying blow your ears up either, mind you?) Still, very very awesome set! Here's hoping that SceneSat will have a recording of it for download soon.

To everyone who has been at Sundown this year, thank you for having been there and making this an absolutely amazing experience! It goes without saying that I'm already looking forward to next year with brightly glowing eyes!

Now download my tune, yo! :)

Novum Mystica (Party Version) (21/06/2014)
(Click title to play / download song)

The Sound Of SceneSat 3 

The Sound Of SceneSat - Volume Three, is a MASSIVE 'by sceners for sceners' music collection that contains nearly 7 hours worth of music in 89 tracks. Many many artists have poured their hearts and souls into this fine release, it is the ultimate showcase for how insanely varied demoscene music can be, and to top it off - it is completely free!

Go GRAB IT NOW, there is no excuse not to!!

New Music: Nordlicht 2014 Invitation "Blitzgewitter", released at Revision 2014 
If you got a fast computer, download and watch the demo in realtime! (Windows, 30 MB)

Surprise surprise, after a long winter slumber I am finally back to present you my latest works. My fellow TiTAN group members and I have been secretly working on a PC invitation demo for this year's Nordlicht Demoparty which will be held in Bremen, Germany from 25th to 27th of July 2014. The demo ranked #2 in the PC Demo Competition at Revision 2014, yaaaay!

To make this a unique release and to follow up on a promise I made long ago, namely to release more surround content, we decided to create the demo's soundtrack in Dolby Digital Surround!! It was quite a challenge to synch each scene to the music, but after a few weeks of intensive teamwork with our coder guru "fizzer" and gfx wizard "dstar", we eventually managed to get it done, just in time for the party!

The music I wrote for this is a very 90's drum'n bass style inspired track for which St. Etienne's "The Sea" probably served as my main inspiration. If you don't know that tune, go check it out! Also worth of note is that I started this track back in October last year. I originally planned to release it at TRSAC, but then fizzer approached and asked me to use it for a new demo project instead. A new group within a group was formed :)

Blitzgewitter (20/04/2014)
(Click title to play / download song)

The AC3 surround download will follow very shortly!

Server move complete! 
The server move is complete and I have fixed all of the music streams and downloads. All of the old music players have been replaced with the new one and the comment section has been cleaned up a bit too.

Let's start into 2014, wooooop! :)

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