Importance of content

When keeping so many search engine specific characteristics at the forefront of a website, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that the sites exist for human audiences. It is a mistake to write solely to grab the attention of search engines. In this scenario, content suffers and as a result, the website will suffer. The saying “content is king” is still true. When writing, remember that the information needs to be useful and interesting. No one will spend much time wading through a text filled with keywords and no content. Present information that shows its value to the reader. Include well-researched segments with merit, timely and relevant news, interviews with experts, and useful lists with pertinent topics.


Presentation of the information is also important. Overused italics and bold type, make the most important content look like a cheap advertisement. The best use for these is in headings and titles. Beware of the overuse of superlatives like ‘great’ ‘very’ or ‘special’ only a limited number of things are great, special, or very anything.

Pay close attention to duplicate content, as this is another reason search engines may lower a website ranking. Even properly a cited and a correctly quoted duplicate can lower a site’s ranking, especially if the information linked or quoted is in large blocks. Search engines view this content as not relevant because a reader can get the very same information from another website. A better route is to use smaller quotes and build on the information, creating original and useful content. Expounding on material takes more time but is worth the effort.