Public Relations & SEO Communities

Public Relations

Search Engine Optimization is quickly becoming an area where public relations skills and tactics are increasing in value. As search engines continue to raise their standards seeking higher quality links and content, SEOs with public relations skills can help their websites gain relevance on search pages. Effectively building relationships in the Social Media arena is one way to gain site traffic. A share or a tweet from a credible source can grab attention for a website; backlinks from these sources also boosts rankings on the search page. The big search engine trend is quality; the right public relations-minded approach to SEO could secure that quality.



Business on the internet is far from a solitary experience. Networking and building affiliations with other professionals are useful tools to advance business and discover helpful ideas for Search Engine Optimization. Joining online SEO communities can provide helpful support, especially when starting out in the field. There are numerous Search Engine Optimization communities, many are free and some charge membership fees. Across the board, the most critical comments about the communities relate to the quality of comments from members. If the content of the community posts seems to be helpful, it may be worth the time to join and overlook useless comments while taking away helpful advice. A few SEO communities were highly recommended by a majority of reviewers.


Many consider SEOmoz as the best all-around community. They offer a wide variety of topics, which can benefit those new to Search Engine Optimization as well as seasoned professionals with years of SEO experience. SEO Book is a private community, which reviewed well. Members commented that the community was particularly useful for professionals using SEO for affiliate marketing and web development. WebmasterWorld received praise as a community with much to offer the Search Engine Optimizer with a high level of expertise. Regardless of your level of knowledge, SEO communities are a good resource.