SEO Techniques

Optimizing and Keywords

Choosing the best keywords is an important initial step in search engine optimization. The right keywords can make or break the entire SEO process. When choosing keywords it is best to look for a few words to appear on the results page. The sheer number of websites currently operating prevents a one-word keyword from being effective. A two or three keyword phrase is the best option. Concisely describe the content of the website. It takes more than a single word to be on the top of a search engine results page.

SEO keywords and backlinks

Links and Backlinks

Backlinks are an important part of Search Engine Optimization. There are two types of links the outbound link, a link coming from your site linking it to another site, and the backlink, a link coming to your site from another site. Search Engines place little importance on outbound links; it is easy to attach your site to other sites, so it shows no relevant connections. A number of quality backlinks can easily increase a website’s relevance and move it up the results page because it shows others find the site worthwhile and have voluntarily linked to it.

The content of the linking site determines the quality of a backlink. If the site is very similar to yours, then search engines consider it a quality backlink. Conversely, if a site is completely unrelated or questionable, it does nothing to improve relevance. Good ways to get quality backlinks include offering free RSS links, inclusion in relevant online directories, and placement in article directories and forums.